Waterproofing your deck is the most important thing you can do to protect your investment. It will not only block water-caused deterioration, but also prevent cracking, splitting, and warping. If you are looking for the best decking protection, NewPort Dry Deck has omega stone deck coating – the waterproofing solution you have been searching for.

Admittedly, we’re biased – but there are an awful lot of good reasons to choose our waterproof membrane for your deck. Read on to learn the benefits of our OmegaStone decking option.

Tough — When it comes to overall durability and strength, very few options can compare to OmegaStone. Tough enough to be used on garage floors, our waterproofing membrane is constructed with polyurethane and can handle the harshest conditions. By safeguarding your structure with OmegaStone, rest assured your deck is well protected.

Longer life – Sun, snow, rain, and wear and tear – there are many factors that can impact the integrity of your deck. With our waterproof membrane, your deck is virtually impervious to the elements. For better protection and a longer lifespan, OmegaStone is the superior choice.

Lower maintenance costsDeck repair or replacement can be costly and time-consuming. But when you choose our waterproof membrane, say goodbye to decking nightmares like cracking, structural weakening, and shifting. OmegaStone simply and easily goes over your existing deck. What you are left with is a seamless, waterproof foundation, without ever having to worry about deck repairs or replacement.
Mold resistant – Mold is no friend to your deck or your wellbeing. This dangerous fungus will not only compromise your decking structure but also your health, causing a host of respiratory issues. Unlike most untreated decks, an OmegaStone deck is impervious to mold and mildew growth.

Easy upkeep – Not a fan of outdoor maintenance? We don’t blame you. Deck cleaning can be a backbreaking, time-consuming ordeal. Not so with our waterproof deck membrane. With OmegaStone covering your deck, stubborn staining is a thing of the past, making cleanups a breeze. Your new deck only needs a quick wipe down or light brushing to keep it looking great.

The benefits of Omega Stone Deck Coating are almost as endless as the hours you will be spending enjoying your deck. If you are considering a waterproof membrane option, we’re here to tell you that OmegaStone is hands down the best choice.

Your deck is a major part of the appeal and functionality of your home. Properly protecting it with the right waterproof membrane will help you do just that. Keep your deck looking like new for years to come with OmegaStone.

For decks that last a lifetime, contact NewPort Dry Deck today!

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