Deck Repairs Port Moody

Is your deck in Port Moody in need of repair or showing signs of damage? At NewPort Dry Deck, our number one priority is making sure your deck can survive all the variable conditions that the west coast can throw at it! We are your best choice for deck repairs Port Moody.

We use an eco-friendly and LEED compliant urethane coating to permanently waterproof your deck surface. Our specialized deck coating leaves no seams on the deck surface, leaving no weak spots for moisture to seep in. Our OmegaStone surface coatings are incredibly robust and can last for decades. And, it’s nearly indestructible! This video shows the strength of our OmegaStone deck coating when hit by a grinder — a vinyl deck would be ruined in seconds! Once you have your deck repaired with us, you won’t have to worry about it for years.

Our polyurethane OmegaStone deck coatings are a quality product for people who want the job done right so they don’t have to worry about it. Our product takes a little longer than a normal vinyl deck but the deck coating quality is far superior. We are so confident in the strength of our deck repairs that we offer you a 20 YEAR deck waterproofing warranty. Our deck repair coatings are built to last in Port Moody.

One of the best parts of our OmegaStone coatings is the lower maintenance for you. You can go ahead and use any cleaner and brush you’d like, there will be no need to powerwash.

deck repairs port moody - Waterproof your deck in Port Moody and protect it from the rain

Deck Waterproofing

When you live in a place as rainy as Port Moody, waterproofing your deck should be your first priority. Most deck coatings begin to fail because of common problems like non-watertight seams that allow moisture to get under the deck surface. OmegaStone provides a 100% seal under patio doors, stucco or any siding! We leave the existing waterproof deck membrane and coat over it for the perfect seal. There are NO seams, no glued on pieces, and OmegaStone is 100% waterproofed for LIFE. See our deck waterproofing services.

Contact us for deck repairs Port Moody today! Save your deck from Port Moody weather, and save your peace of mind.


deck repairs port moody

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