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At NewPort Dry Deck we use an eco-friendly and LEED compliant urethane coating to permanently waterproof your sun deck surface. Our product is so tough it can be used in car parks, exterior walkways, garage floors and even boat decks. Learn about our experienced team for deck repairs Coquitlam.

Our Product avoids the most common reasons that vinyl decks usually fail. Our deck waterproofing system will have no seams and will last for decades longer than any other deck coating product. See our one of a kind warranty for more information.

deck repairsYour waterproof sundeck can come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any Abbotsford home. Best of all your deck railing and posts will not have to be removed to complete the process.

NewPort Dry Deck is the smartest choice when hiring a contractor to replace your vinyl sun deck coating. Call Newport Dry Deck anytime to get a free estimate.

We Leave the Railings and the Banisters Intact with our deck repairs Coquitlam!

Do you have a waterproofing job but you dread the expense of removing the railings, posts and banisters and having them installed again? Well, NewPort Dry Deck has good news for you. You do not have to do any of that.

Over the years that we have been in business, one of the profound fears that we have seen in customers is that they would have to undergo extra costs to remove their railings and posts, to accommodate the new waterproof/deck coating. This is clearly a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, where you promise the customer 100% waterproofing and on the other hand, force them to undergo a heavy cost. It is totally unacceptable.

You already have a problem, as it is, that of a leaking deck. Asking you to remove the posts and banisters would be preposterous, for lack of a better word. But it all depends on the system. By using Urethane, we have made sure that it is tested, retested and approved. It causes no reactions with aluminum, meaning that even if your posts are exposed to our product, there will be no side effects.

What are your railings made of? Wood or aluminum? It really doesn’t matter because at New Port Dry Deck, we will leave them intact, saving you a lot of money that you would have used to pay technicians to remove the banisters and posts. Our urethane deck coating product is made in such a way that it flows into all voids and seals them completely before setting. If the most vulnerable area is at the base of the posts and railings, our urethane product will penetrate all voids, cracks and joints. Its bonding power is perfect.

We will send a team of trained applicators, and this team will comprise of as many as may be needed, depending on the size of the job. Remember, before we can give you the final quote for the job, we will do a free evaluation of the job. We intend to let you have the use of your deck, garage, car park or walkway as soon as you need it and therefore we send a sizeable team, correspondent to the nature and size of the task.

The installation of the waterproof rubber membrane will seal the surface and vertical bonds very well. That is why we give you a lengthy warranty, of 20 years! We are very sure that this is the best replacement for vinyl and fiberglass deck coatings that are affected by weather and lose their effectiveness after only so long. Learn more about our deck waterproofing options for your patio.

NewPort Dry Deck professionals know what you need and they are willing to go to any length to give you that. Don’t take chances with your home’s waterproofing needs. Let professionals do it and most important, do not remove those banisters or railings. Save money.

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  • 20 Year Lifespan
  • Solvent Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Apply Over Old Coatings
  • Crack & Tear Resistant
  • Full Warranty
  • Experienced Team
  • Locally owned

A variety of deck material options available to you

  • Indoor Applications
  • Stain Resistant
  • Seamless
  • Apply Without Removing Railings
  • Many Colours To Choose From


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