Here is a deck repair we recently completed in Surrey, BC. It had many rotten spots. You can see from the before photos that the deck was in pretty rough shape. It has seen many years of sun and is starting to crack and fade in colour. The stairs are also starting to rot around the edges which can be dangerous as you never know when the wood is going to fail under pressure.

Surrey Deck Repairs and waterproofing

We cut out the parts of the decking surface that were failing and patched them with new wood. We then use a first coat of our Omegastone Deck Membrane to seal the cracks to ensure a good adhesion of the base layer. This will prevent any water from getting in between the cracks and ensure that your new waterproof deck lasts for years.

Waterproofing deck product Vancouver

Here you can see that the finished product looks very nice and even has an overlap for the edges to prevent any water that drips over the edge from getting into the wood from the underside. The fact that we apply Omegastone much thicker than Duradeck or other comparable deck waterproofing products is one great thing that makes us different from our competitors.  Call for a quote and please consider Newport Dry Deck when you need to complete a deck repair in Surrey.  You can guarantee that in Surrey, any deck will see lots of rain, some snow, some freeze-thaw cycles, and of course, a good share of hot sunny days.  Make sure your deck is built to last.

waterproof decking Surrey, BC - Vancouver Deck Repair

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