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Our Story

woman waterproofing north Vancouver deck
North Vancouver Deck Waterproofing - Newport Dry Deck

I am Keri, the owner of NewPort Dry Deck, a family business. My sister Laura is in charge of the Top Coating crews. My dad Dennis is the leader of the carpentry and waterproofing crews. My mom Debbie does the books. When you request a quote, you will be seeing me! I do the estimating and day to day management.

How we got started:

After only 8 years of our own sundecks being resurfaced, they needed to be done again. We have 3 decks totaling about 1,000 square feet and we were frustrated that the last recoating only lasted a short time. We also knew that we needed to resurface the decks on some of our rental properties. We did a lot of research, thinking there had to be a better solution.

We discovered polyurethane deck coatings. Thank goodness for our rental properties because the first applications were a challenge. We were pleased that we could seal around wooden railing posts and bond to the stucco siding, without it having to be removed. We even coated the stairs! Our first applications do not look as good as they do today, but they have lasted! No rips, tears or leaks.

We decided that homeowners, like us, would want a coating that would first and foremost, be waterproof and last. Our decks are done by hand. Each one is unique. After resurfacing decks for our families and friends, word started to spread. NewPort Dry Deck was born, and we couldn’t be happier.

We take a lot of pride knowing your family home will remain protected from the elements for well over 20 years.

Keri McKinney

NewPort Dry Deck Inc


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