Covid 19 Update: Newport Dry Deck can still quote on and coat or repair your deck while keeping our “Social Distance”. Please read our letter on how we can do this is we work together.

Newport Dry Deck & Covid 19 Letter

Learn about Vinyl Deck Alternatives For Lower Mainland Homes

OmegaStone Deck Repair and Waterproofing in Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver

Our decks last! Its not uncommon to have to replace or repair vinyl decks in under 10 years. Because of ripped seams or tears, as well as using incorrect cleaners or power washers.

OmegaStone – go ahead and use your favorite cleaner and any brush you want, it cleans so easily that you will not need to power wash.

OmegaStone. Your Smart Choice

OmegaStone provides a 100% seal under patio doors, stucco or any siding! We leave the existing waterproof deck membrane and coat over it for the perfect seal. There are NO seams, no glued on pieces, and OmegaStone is 100% waterproofed for LIFE.  This is what often makes an Omegastone Polyurethane Membrane deck you best option on the rainy West Coast

Waterproofing is our #1 priority.

Vancouver Outdoor Deck Repair - Aluminum Railing - Newport Dry Deck Vancouver

OmegaStone Decks Last

NewPort “DRY” Deck Inc has “DRY” in our name because keeping your home protected from moisture is everything. Our OmegaStone polyurethane waterproofing membrane becomes part of the plywood. You can’t grind off or tear off OmegaStone! This video shows how durable OmegaStone is.


A vinyl deck would be destroyed in seconds.

Even if you don't want to know anything about polyurethanes, this is important!

We are in a rain forest. Our polyurethane is moisture cured! That means we add 25% water to our urethane and mix it quickly. The water is the catalyst (makes it harden) once the water is mixed in, we have about 10 minutes to trowel out the base coat or it will harden in the bucket and cannot be used. Our climate is a perfect fit for OmegaStone deck repairs and deck resurfacing.

We Have Many Happy Customers

I was impressed by the good nature of all of you, your professionalism and the quality and care of your attention to the task at hand.



We recently had five decks resurfaced by Newport and we are very satisfied with the job done. We love the fact that they are a local family business.

Bill & Sue


Thanks so much Keri, it was a real pleasure doing business with you and your team. I will definitely recommend you and use your services in the future.

Blair J.


The OmegaStone Process

A deck that lasts takes time… Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Remove the vinyl or existing membrane, do pocket repairs if needed. Grind the deck, prep the plywood joints. Tape all joints; let them dry for about 1 hour. Trowel on the polyurethane base coat.

Step 2

Apply the urethane colour coat and add the acrylic flakes onto the wet surface. The flakes give the surface a slip resistant texture, and the colour of your choice. This needs to dry overnight.

Step 3

We remove the excess flakes. Whatever has bonded to the colour coat is there to stay. We give the surface a light sanding to ensure that it’s textured but still smooth enough and easy to clean.

Step 4

The clear coat is applied. This also needs to dry overnight. These steps are not always done in consecutive days, weather is a factor and timing is important.

OmegaStone Waterproof Deck Coating - Vancouver, BC - Newport Dry Deck

We use a 4 layer OmegaStone Waterproof Coating;

an eco-friendly and LEED compliant urethane coating to permanently waterproof your sundeck surface. OmegaStone avoids the most common reasons that vinyl decks usually fail. Our decks waterproofing system will have no seams and will last for decades longer than any other deck coating product. As well it’s UV stable (colour will not fade with exposure to sunlight). We are so confident in our product and service, we back it up with a 20 Year Warranty!

Still not convinced were the best in the business?

Have a listen to an interview we did with local news station CKNW

OmegaStone Finishes


Beach - Flake Finish - Waterproof Deck Coating - Newport Dry Deck, Vancouver

BEACH – Flake Finish

SAHARA - Rubber Finish - Deck Waterproofing and Repair Burnaby

SAHARA – Rubber Finish

Brown - Flake Finish - Waterproof Deck Repair Vancouver

BROWN – Flake Finish

PEBBLE - Rubber Finish - Membrane repair Vancouver

PEBBLE – Rubber Finish

LIGHT GREY - Flake Finish - Deck Waterproofing Burnaby

LIGHT GREY – Flake Finish

GLACIER - Rubber Finish - Deck Repair and Waterproofing Vancouver and Burnaby

GLACIER – Rubber Finish

NIGHTFALL - Rubber Finish - Deck Waterproofing Vancouver

NIGHTFALL – Rubber Finish

MISTY MOUNTAIN - Rubber Finish - Deck waterproofing North Vancouver

MISTY MOUNTAIN – Rubber Finish

Covid 19 Update: Newport Dry Deck can still quote on and coat or repair your deck while keeping our “Social Distance”. Please read our letter on how we can do this is we work together.

Newport Dry Deck & Covid 19 Letter





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